Meet Patchbox OS!

Patchbox OS is a custom Linux distribution specially designed for Raspberry Pi based audio projects. It comes pre-configured for low latency audio performance and pre-installed audio software that will help you get started with your projects in no time!


On-board, I2S and USB sound card support
Jack audio backend for audio management
Real-Time kernel for low latency audio performance
Lightweight RPD Desktop Environment with low memory footprint
Automatic MIDI connection manager (amidiauto)
WiFi-MIDI support (touchosc2midi)
WiFi Hotspot support
SSH & VNC enabled by default
Dedicated command-line utility for OS configuration (patchbox-config)
Most popular audio programs pre-installed
* All of the software is configured to use the shared Jack audio backend, that means that multiple audio programs may use the audio card and play together. Run patchage to see and edit the audio signal flow.
Pre-Installed Software Version
Audacity 2.1.2
Chromium 65.0.3325
Jack Backend 1.9.12
Patchage 1.0.0
Pianoteq Standard Trial 6.4.1
Pisound Software Latest
Pure Data 0.49.0
Sonic Pi 3.1.0
Super Collider 3.9.3
touchosc2midi 0.10.0


☝️ Currently Raspberry Pi 4 is not supported. New release is coming soon!

Download the image below and follow this setup guide.

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Release Date: 2019-03-13 | Size: 989.53MB


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